Friday, May 21, 2010

Meat Laser Chicken

Molted Hoodan

Chickens have to scratch to keep alive because they get food

Our chickens are going to lay eggs.

I like to eat eggs.

There are 50 chickens in that pen.

We get too many eggs, mom saves them. We make cakes that take lots of eggs. Mom says we will sell some this year.


(mom edit. This is his answers to your questions about the chickens)


  1. Im glad to see you boys helping out around the farm! I wish we lived closer I'd send my stepsons over to learn a thing or two from you guys. They are 12, 10 and 9. Keep up with the blogging, I enjoy reading your adventures.

  2. Thanks for the answers - I learn so much coming to your all's blog.

    That chicken in your pic' looks pretty scary - like he is mad! Hope you have a fun weekend.

  3. Hi Small :)

    Those are some really cool looking chickens.

    I bet the cakes that you and your Mom make are very yummy. :D

  4. I just found you boys blog.Very cool.Sounds like you have a great life there.way to go Mom.


  5. Hey, you guys have a great blog going here...congratulations! I especially like the lettering on your header photo, pretty cool :) Can't wait to see what else you write about

  6. I like your blog. Learned about you on APN. Glad you MOm is allowing you to share your experiences on the homestead. Maybe this will teach other kids that it's cool to be a homesteader.

  7. What kind of chicken is that laser chicken... Looks pretty fiesty !! LOL

  8. tuxdaddy, it is a mottled Houdan.


  9. Nice blog guys! My daughters want chickens now.

  10. I used to sell my eggs. I only have 24 chickens, 15 ducks & 3 geese. I don't sell them at the moment because I have friends who have no home & no money, so I give them all the eggs my poultry lay. I also gave them 3 chickens, but 1 died & the other 2 ran away :(


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