Tuesday, May 18, 2010

They Call me Small

Small walking away

I am 6 years old. I live on a small farm, moving to a big farm after school is out. I have lots of animals, my favorite is our horse Sam. I like to ride her.

On our small farm I like building turkey pens, tearing down outbuildings with my dad, rolling in the mud, and chasing the chickens.

I don't like cow poop.

At the big farm I like the creek, all the big trees, and shooting the gun.

I don't like the ticks, and all the work we have to do.

That's all I want to say today. I will say more tomorrow.



  1. I don't like ticks or cow poop either! Very Nice first post Small!

  2. I really like the sound of where you live - very descriptive. And have to agree - I don't like ticks or cow poop either.

  3. Hey Small...sounds like you are moving to place that will be a lot of fun!

    You are doing a good job on your blog so far. I think we all will enjoy reading it!

  4. Nice to meet you, Small! I don't like ticks, either. They give me the creeps!

    Very nice first post. I can't wait to read more!

  5. Great start ~ Skoryy Davidevitch Lovok could learn from you. None of us like ticks.

  6. I'm sure you'll like it on the new farm Small. Say, what kind of rifle are you carrying in the picture. I'm teaching my son how to shoot this summer. He doesn't like ticks either.

  7. It is a .22 single shot.


  8. Cow poop isn't so bad once it's all dried out. Ask Dad to tell you about cow patty pioneer fires. Six is such a wonderful age. I miss my boys not being six. They're all grown up now, and not nearly so much fun.

  9. They may call you SMALL but I bet you have lots of big dreams. I lived on a farm as a young boy, (and I am up in years now,,,ok 64 as of May 27th) but I still think of the fun times on the farm as a young boy. Walking in the woods, chasing chickens and getting the eggs. Thank you for sharing.


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