Thursday, May 20, 2010


Zombie Buckets

Hi, I'm Medium.

Zombie doesn't always hit trees, most the time he hits your shins. this is my dog Buckets and Zombie. He looks cute. And their on my brother's blanket.

Zombie got his name from a band called White Zombie, they our my dad's favorite band. That's how he got his name. His black on his back part of his body is kind of like wings. And in the picture he kind of looks like a dragon sleeping, without horns. And now he has horns, and one of them has a dent in it. It is funny when he jumps.

You have to feed goats. When they are babies you feed them milk. When they get older you feed them goat food and grass maybe dog food.

You have to make sure it isn't stuck in a fence.

When you have boards for fence, it is better, they don't get their heads stuck.

You need to check their water tank everyday to see if it is full.

Goats do not like rain, probably never will. I think whenever it rains, they don't want to get wet. I will probably ruin their horns, I don't know. You can make a shelter for the goats in a barn and if they are not in there, they can always go under the porch.

Goats like to get scratched between the horns, if they don't like to be near you the will jump up and hat happened with Jack. Jack is Zombie's father.

Thanks for reading, Bye



  1. Hi Medium,

    That is a really good picture of Buckets and Zombie, they look cute sleeping together. :)

    I like how Zombie got his name. I did not listen to White Zombie back when they were together as a group, but I do know of Rob Zombie because of his solo career and his movie projects.

    Have a goodnight :)

  2. That is a great pic' - they look like they are pals.

    Thanks for answering all the goat questions - that is a lot of info I didn't know and it is fascinating. You are a great goat owner.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend.

  3. Great pic! Buckets is cute .. so is Zombie. Hope they don't snore too much. (My shepherd Max snored BIG time.) Sounds like you might need some shin guards like catchers wear (ouch!) Thanks for sharing the cool goat tips. Once we move to a farm we might get a few .. we'll see.

  4. This is so cute! I thought maybe you were confused at first until I read your other post about Zombie. I love goats, and yes they do act like dogs sometimes.


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