Friday, July 23, 2010


Picture 262

I was 4 in this picture. A long time ago. But I still catch snakes. We have a lot of snakes here.

I few weeks ago I caught a garter snake for our friend Hooter. It was his birthday and he likes snakes. He got it to eat a small mouse and he said it was a keeper.

I like snakes. But they bite. When I first tried catching snakes, mom says that I came running to the house crying, a baby garter snake had bite my finger. She said it was still hanging from my finger when she came outside.



  1. I like snakes too. People think they are slimy but they are so smooth and soft. I like that Hooter thought his birthday snake was a "keeper". Cool.

    Nice snake in that pic'. He's big!

  2. Very cool, Small.
    Glad your friend, Hooter, liked the snake. :D


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