Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Large

Picture 1072

I am Large I live with Small same things practically.
I am 12 years of age. I am slightly an artist.
I am the one in the picture just my cat is on my face.

The only thing I don't like other what Small doesn't is the possibility of leeches in the creek.
That is all I will post today. Bye



  1. Love the picture! Does he always sleep there? had a cat that liked to sleep on top of my head at night.

    And leeches? Ewww.

  2. Hey Large...looks as though your cat is enjoying being a pest! Probably likes having his picture taken as well!

    I have two cats of my own, and they are more like my room mates than my pets!

    I'm with you on not liking leeches! Bad stuff!

    I think you are doing a good job so far and look forward to seeing more from you and the rest of the clan!

  3. I've got a kitten who likes to sleep on my neck. So cute! I don't know how much I'd love a big cat right on the face, though. Welcome to blogging, Large! :-)

  4. Nice to meet you, Large! My cat likes to try to sleep on my face, too. I don't like it, because I get cat hair up my nose and it tickles.

  5. I don't like leeches either! What's your favorite art?

  6. I've seen some of your art on your mum's blog & think that it's wonderful.
    My cat climbs the wall of the house & opens my window to let herself in. She likes sleeping with the dogs.

  7. Meema says, "awesome"!!!! You guys ROCK

  8. Cat on face! Excellent disguise! James Bond couldn't have thought that one up. Leeches come off quick with a little salt, but still, yuck. You and your brothers ask Mom for a cookie, and tell her it's from me.

  9. Large I have a cat also, and she follows me around my property like a dog. She comes when called, and she sleeps at the bottom of the bed most of the time. I keep our chain link gate closed at night tight, to keep her and her daughter inside the gated area, as lots of coyotes are around here. Thanks for your thoughts and sharing.


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