Thursday, May 20, 2010

laser chicken

Chicks pen

chicken scratching for food so they do not die and they need water. chicken can fly but not too far.



  1. You have lovely chicks, I'm jealous. We had a Cochin chick one year that would fly on to the top of our shed & then fly the length of the garden. The book said that Cochins don't fly!

  2. Hi Small :)

    Your chicks are cute. When I was about Medium's age, my Dad had a Rhode Island Red rooster. He knew how to get out of the coop. He would fly up into the neighbor's almond tree to crow then he would fly back down and get back into the coop. :D

  3. Do they have to scratch to keep alive? That is fascinating. I wish we could have chickens. Do yours lay eggs? Do you like eggs? I like them sometimes, just depends.

    How many are in the cage?

  4. Frog (4 yrs old) said to tell you "chicks do not like fire".
    She thinks their heat light in the corner is a fire you made for them. Don't worry. I told her it was the same light we give our chicks excpet yours is not red. :)
    LOVING the blog boys. You are the ONLY blog I will alow Panda (11yrs old) to read and follow. Major kudos & we all look forward to more of your insight.

  5. My Mom lost about 10 of her new chicks several weeks ago so she got 25 more. I've only seen pictures since she's in Texas and I'm in Arizona.

  6. We also got chicks this year, but not as many as you. I figure you are on ALOT more property than we are. We love finding the first eggs from the chicks, it's like Easter :)


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