Monday, May 24, 2010

the wild deer

they fell down. The sticks from the tree. I took the pictures.

Small and Faline

i got too pet the deer and i found it and was happy.



  1. Hi Small

    You took some very nice pictures.

    How cool is that, you got to pet a fawn! I am a little bit jealous, the only way that I even get to see them out here in California is if they are in an open field as we drive by.

    I think you will have lots of adventures at your new farm. :D

  2. Hi Small! Very cool pics and I agree with Felinae .. I'm jealous you got to pet that cute little fawn!! :) We have deer too but we live in the city so don't see them very often. But we do see tarantulas, geckos, scorpions, snakes and all sizes of lizards in our yard. The pink geckos are funny too because they scream if you scare them so we always say EEEEE when we see one. And yes - Bill & I are dorks. Thanks for sharing your pics and stories. j


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