Monday, May 24, 2010

What I did at the farm

This is one of the many thing we found when we went to the farm. First when we got to the farm we sort of circled around the property. we saw a pond but from we can tell there is nothing living in it.

Then after that we went and pulled up T-post (that is where Small got his first two pictures on the last post). Then I got in trouble because i some how made Small throw rocks at me and the Small blamed me.

After that I went to help my dad. A big branch of a tree fell down. Just to tell you about how big it was imagine a semi sized tree with a mini-van hanging from it. Dad was cutting the "stick" as he likes to call it when he took of his hat and through it down. I picked it up. then a little later Dad was walking back and tripped with the chainsaw. Then he got up and knocked what was left of the "stick". The "stick" fell right were Dad's hat was.

Then a little later we found a baby deer (not the one in the picture). Then when me and Small went to get the digging tools we found this other fawn(the one in the picture).
Then we named the fawn Faline (like Bambi's girlfriend). Then we put up a fence and the other baby deer ran away. After that we got ready to go home. on the way we stopped at Burger King. Then we went home.


P.S. My Mom made me right this much.


  1. Hi Large,

    You sure had an interesting day.

    I like how you "somehow" made small throw rocks at you LOL! sounds like something I used to say when my brother and I would rough house, "but, he made me do it" hahaha

    Good thing you picked up your Dad's hat from where it landed or else it might have gotten crushed when the branch fell.

    You guys picked a cute name for the little fawn. I used to love to watch Bambi when I was younger, sometimes I still watch it. :)

    Burger King is yummy, I like to eat there too, sometimes. I think my favorite fast food place is Taco Bell though

    Don't be too hard on your Mom for making you write so much. She's just helping you to develop your creative writing skills. You will thank her for it sometime in the future. ;)

    Have a great day

  2. Great pic!!! Sounds like a busy day at the farm. Glad that "stick" didn't hit your Dad. The other night my brother said he heard a BANG like a shotgun and ran outside. A branch the size of a truck broke off way up high in one of the pecan trees and was still about 20+ feet in the air caught on some branches. He ran in and grabbed keys to move the cars and thankfully it fell on driveway few hours later without smashing anything. Thanks for sharing...

  3. The fawn picture is beautiful. I can't believe she let you get so close to her!

  4. This is a beautiful picture of a fawn. What a wonderful childhood you have.


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