Wednesday, May 19, 2010



This is Zombie my goat. He likes to bite people's toes. I like his horns. I like that goats have horns. It's cool to watch them climb.

I think it's cool having goats. They can dent things with their horns, like that one goat did to the cop car in Winne Dixie. Sometimes they are afraid of humans.

Zombie had a weird tail when he was born, and now he acts like a dog. He eats dog food, he is always trying to get inside the house. He is always trying to get out of his pen. He really wants to be fed by us, dog food instead of hay.

We shouldn't let him be a dog because he is a goat. If the door is opened he will get in and runs through the house. He will sleep on the couch too.

I like when Zombie hits the trees with his horns.

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  1. Zombie looks so little, I bet it is funny when he hits trees with his horns.

  2. Zombie sounds very cool ... and great name! I've heard goats will eat almost anything so dog food shouldn't be a problem -- unless he starts barking. :) When I was a kid I remember visiting my cousin and as my Dad drove towards their home there was a funny looking critter on top of a doghouse (I thought what a weird looking dog) .. but it was a little goat! Neat little critter too.

    I forgot to mention this in my comments to Small and Large but your new farm sounds nice and fun. Good luck with the move and keep the posts coming! j

  3. Hi Medium,
    Zombie is very cute :)
    I think it would be fun to see him run through the house. You know, I have a cat that likes to chew on toes, but he does it while you are sleeping. That 's not too fun :D

  4. The precious things in life are hard to find. If they were easy they would be worth a dime a dozen.

    Keep up the great work letting others know how to live a simpler self-reliant!

    From a 50 Something, soon to be rural homesteading, Prepper ;-}

  5. You look really happy with Zombie - how did he get his name?

    He looks like a great goat!

  6. Zombie is adorable! I hope that, someday in the future when I have goats of my own, mine will be as cute and have as much personality as Zombie!

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    (From a 30-something Prepper who wishes she were homesteading!)

  7. Zombie and Buckets are so cute and look like great friends for you Wilder Boys (great name too). Do you plan on getting any more goats in the future? You are doing a great job with your blogs. Keep 'em comin'. You have a really cool Mom too.

    (From a 40-something Prepper who hopes to live like you do soon)

  8. Thank you for letting us get a glimpse of the fun you're having with such terrific friends as Zombie and the fawns you found (although I'm sure they prefer being wild and staying with their moms too). My friend had a goat when I was growing up and it would climb on top of its house and jump over a 10 foot high fence. She was always chasing that goat and couldn't figure out how it got out until I explained it to her! Keep having fun and taking cool pictures. You and your family are my heros!


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