Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creek Flood

my brother and his girl

This picture is our creek, that's my Uncle and aunt in the picture.

We were at the farm, taking cows out. I went to the creek with my brothers. It had been raining hard. We could barely see the road as we went. We made a dam at the creek. Mom told us to stay away from the creek, I was trying to tell my brother Large not to go. But he went because he wanted to, he kept ignoring me.

The water rose really fast, I was not scared. We made a pathway in the water. I wasn't sitting in the water, Large and medium where in the water, and Large's friend. The island was covered by water.

Large's friend held on to a tree branch. The water tried to take him away. We left because Large started to leave. I didn't hear mom yelling for me. Mom was mad when she found us by the house. She had been searching the creek. She was crying, she was scared that we drowned.

I won't go to the creek again when it's raining.



  1. Not going to the creek again when it's raining is a very smart choice, Small. I am proud of you for realizing that it is a dangerous place to be during a storm.

    Us Mom's tend to get very scared and angry when we believe our children are hurt or lost. It is only because we love you all so much and never want anything bad to happen to you. I'm sure your Mom was very happy to see that you were all ok.

    I bet you got lots of hugs and kisses once she was done being scared. :)

    I hope you have a fun day.

  2. You had better listen to your mother. She worries about you guys. She knew that the water would rise very fast and that you could be caught in it. I'm glad everyone was safe.

  3. Yep - us Moms do tend to worry and with good reason - we love our children dearly and want to make sure they are safe. That is a wise choice to listen to your Mom and not go near the creek again when it is raining, you just never know how fast or how deep it is going to be or what's underneath the water.

    Glad you guys are safe and I hope the rain stops soon. Take care and thanks for the post.


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