Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Working at the farm

This picture is of mossy wood at the farm. I took the picture.

Yesterday we went to the farm. I used the machete to chop down the weeds. I don't know what the weeds were called. Then we went into the barn and starting cutting down weeds with jagged leaves, like stairs. I got bumps on my arms. They itched. It wasn't poison ivy, poison ivy has 3 leaves. These weeds were the size of small. After I got bumps I went to the creek, the place were I claimed. I washed my arm that I got bumps on. Me and my brother (large) made a little pond area. It was small. Then Large started making a little river path, and tried to stop the water from rushing in. Then we got some wood that was small about 5 inches long. We watched them go down the water. And I made a path for mine and there was a rock that made mine flip.

I went up to the alfalfa field and walked down to our pond area. I helped with the fencing, I shook it and wiggled it as daddy pulled it.

Then we picked a few mulberries, then we shook the tree and got a lot, a whole container full.

I pulled ticks off of me, but they hadn't bit me yet. When we were going home we got some ice cream. When I got home I pulled off a really small tick on my thigh.

Thank you for reading this, goodbye



  1. I've got mulberries at my place, too:

    I've also got bumps after being outside, but I think mine are mosquitoes. :(

  2. Hey Medium,

    You took a really good picture of that mossy wood.

    I hope the itchy bumps are just about gone off your arms.

    I have never had a mulberry; I don't like the little seeds. Now if it was seedless, I'd probably try it.

    One of our cats had a tick stuck in his chin a long time ago. It had to be removed by the vet, it was burrowed in really deep. I had never seen a tick before that. I think they're ugly. :D

    Have a fun day!

  3. Busy day at the farm! That must be a nice sized creek if you can get wood that big to float down the water. I don't like ticks and hope you don't have a lot of chiggers there. We used to have tons of the nasty buggers where I grew up. Would have to take a bath with a little baking soda in it to help with itches. Hope you all have a great weekend! j

  4. Sounds like a pretty fun day.Mulberries yum.Sometimes I get bumps on my arms from the sun.
    Take care boys.



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