Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bikes and Chicks

Yesterday mom asked me to round up all the chicks in the yard. So I got on my bike and scared them back into their pen.


chicks outside


  1. Bikes and Chicks are cool!

  2. Hi Small,

    I like the title of your post :)
    I also like how you helped your Mom and got the chicks back in their pen. You picked a really creative way to do it too. :D


  3. Cool way to "herd" 'em back in! I'm in Arizona but my Mom (in Texas) just got 50 chicks. We're looking for a small farm in NE or East TX but gotta sell our home here first. Cool blog ~ keep up the great posts! :)

  4. I never would have thought of using my bike! Good Job!

  5. My wife and I have been thinking of getting a few chickens ourselves, but we've been worried if we would use all the eggs. With as many chickens as you have, do you have extra eggs? If so, what do you do with them?


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